Responsive Layout for Lawyer Websites
Gain a strong competitive advantage and connect with clients on a whole new level! A responsive design automatically adapts itself to a particular viewing environment such as desktop, tablet, or mobile without the need for separate layouts for varying platforms.


Lawyer Websites for San Francisco Bay Area Law Firms

Attorney Web site Development Northern California

Regardless of the type of marketing you are currently deploying in the San Francisco Bay Area, your law firm website is the center of all other marketing efforts and referrals. Why? Because all else is simply a trigger to get them to the website, where they will go to "get a feel" for who you are, and how your law firm might be able to help them. This is often where new clients are won...or lost.

Consider that even the strongest of referrals will first look you up on the search engines, then navigate to your website, if they can find it, prior to contacting you or your competition.

What if prospective clients who are seeking an attorney do not know who you are... 


Will they find you?

Responsive Website Design Technology - a competitive advantage

A Compuware 2011 survey showed that:

  • Close to 50% of all mobile device users will not come back to a website that they had issues accessing
  • 30% will navigate to a competing website rather than continue in frustration
  • 57% will not recommend the website to other people.

It is no surprise that usability is critical when it comes to the Internet, especially when you consider the rapid growth in mobile device users. Optimize the user experience for this growing population, and you will create a very powerful competitive advantage for your law firm here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Did you know? Google rewards those who make their websites the most user-friendly for end users. Responsive design is the latest and best approach to ensure a positive user experience. Contact BWM Lawyer Marketing today, fill out our online form to learn more about how responsive design for attorney websites can attract more and higher quality clients to your law firm.

Affordable Solutions for Northern California Law Firms 

Your time is valuable. Our services are designed to be an affordable way for your law firm to compete effectively and achieve top results online for the clients you want to serve, while freeing up your time to be able to serve them. We have a dedicated team of experts who adhere to best practices, producing greatest efficiencies and success exclusively for attorneys here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

From custom websites to search engine optimization to social media solutions and blog integration, BWM Lawyer Marketing works with you to get ahead of your competition, attract more and higher quality clients, and grow your law firm. And the best part...we work hard to make it an enjoyable process, and we take great pride in helping our clients achieve success online!

Grow Your Law Firm Business with BWM Lawyer Marketing 

BWM Lawyer Marketing has the experience, track record and commitment to building professional websites and services that convert viewers into clients. We are local here in the San Francisco Bay Area and will never transfer you to a "customer service" department back east! We can meet you at your location and believe in giving personal attention to all of our clients. To begin your marketing strategy, contact us online today!

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